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“We focus on long term and sustainable achievements and not short term success”

Karl Lerner, Chairman

Strategic Hospitality Consulting
The most frequent failure of organizations is the lack of strategic planning. IMPACT is consulting the hospitality and tourism industry to anticipate and respond in a systematic way to the challenge of a constant change of a business environment.

From little steps to giant success

We guide Hotels and Resorts into a competitive future

  • Investor Representation
  • IMPACT is providing holistic services to maintain and increase the asset value over the whole life cycle of a property.
  • Hotel Project Development
  • IMPACT is assisting the Owner to develop tailor made hotel products and benchmarks in the industry.
  • Online Marketing
  • IMPACT guides clients to the future of marketing. We develop online strategies focused on both short and long term success.
  • Change Management
  • We live in a world where “business as usual” is change. In a fast developing world, change means progress.
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